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Every stage of learning is equally important. Learning embraces both explicit instructions and student-centered approaches. Hence for an effective learning, it is important for educators to understand the needs of each student. Our school uses both national (KTSP and K13) and international curriculum (Singapore and Cambridge International Examination) for different stages of education.

There is an emphasis on how teaching relates to the child, with the explicit instruction approach to Literacy and Numeracy in the Preschool and Kindergarten level, supplemented with a thinking and problem solving pedagogy; a specific approach to learning needs in the Primary Level, emphasising deeper understanding and higher level learning outcomes; and unique programs for the Secondary and Junior College. These are all directed at creating the resilient, independent learner.
Information and Communication Technology skills are developed progressively from the Preschool until Junior College. Students will learn about design, animation, e-learning and office skills. The introduction of Programming is designed to provide students with the latest technology to enhance their learning engagement and academic outcomes.

Sport and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are part of the curriculum at Great Crystal School and Course Center. We offer sport programs for Swimming, Futsal, Badminton, Kyukushinkai, Table Tennis and Basket Ball. We also conduct weekly gymnastic for all students and teachers.


Great Crystal School and Course Center provides a safe and supportive learning environment and a Pastoral Care program appropriate for each stage of schooling. Each student is under the guidance of a class teacher, discipline teacher and Head of teachers. There is also a Health and Well-Being program from Preparatory to Primary and Secondary and a Personal Development program at Preschool – Junior College.


Leadership development is part of the program for all students, and leadership training is provided for those who take advantage of the vast opportunities for leadership provided at Great Crystal School and Course Center.  Leadership opportunities are available at all levels of schooling and all students are encouraged to participate.
Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

The school offer to all students to join ECA for develop their skill. Kind of ECA are Robotic, Kyokushinkai, English, Chinese, Cooking, Dance, Robotic, Pantomime, Futsal, Drawing and others activities.
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