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We believe that education should be more than the accumulation of knowledge. Learning at Great Crystal School and Course Center is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Flexibility and academic program personalization are the hallmarks of an Cambridge curriculum, and Great Crystal School and Course Center delivers just that.

Research shows that students learn best when they are connected to the life of their school and to the adults there who guide them. Every Junior College’s student belongs to a small advisory group, and has a class teacher who mentors them, helps them track their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capacities to take responsibility for their learning.

In addition, Great Crystal School and Course Center offers AS and A Level Cambridge Examination. School allows students to design their own learning experience by merging their passions with their academics. Students can sample a career, carry out an extended service learning project, deeply explore and research an academic topic of interest, or create a story.
We work exclusively with Junior College 2 students in their successful transition from high school to university, advising them to develop an appropriately rigorous course of study and encouraging them to pursue their non-academic interests. In addition, students are assisted in the university application process by school. We also have visited some university campuses and are highly regarded in the university admissions community.
Jl. Raya Darmo Permai III, Puncak Permai Square
Surabaya, Indonesia

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