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  • We offer a General Certification Examination (GCE) ordinary (“O”) level. GCE “O” level is offered for Secondary 3 and 4 students or students who are between 14 to 16 years old. GCE “O” level is recognised globally and its qualification is acknowledged worldwide. “O” level is also useful for students who want to continue their study overseas such as in The United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia or Singapore. “O” level provides a system certification of the knowledge and achievement the student has reached.

  • Cambridge is committed to encouraging positive educational experiences by providing qualification and services that are relevant, accurate, reliable, affordable and internationally recognised.

  • Cambridge qualifications are designed for all and are available for a wide range of abilities and age groups

Cambridge International Examination (CIE)

CIE is one of the world’s leading providers of international assessments. CIE is part of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). CIE has a comprehensive provision which supports educational programs in Primary and Secondary schools and also the teachers and administrators in those institutions.

Examination Subject

Student usually follow several subjects depending on their requirements, interests and abilities. Students intending to continue their study overseas are strongly recommended to take a minimum of five examination subjects.
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