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Kamis, 15 Oktober 2020

Great Fair 2020 - Nurturing Children to Become Digital Citizens

  • Kamis, Oktober 15, 2020
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Dear Great Friends,

We will be having our Great Fair 2020 on 19 - 25 October 2020. This year we are holding a virtual / online Great Fair. This event is open to the public and is free. 

The Great Fair series of events are as follows:

*Preschool and Kindergarten*
      1. Coloring
      2. Photogenic

*Primary 1-3*
      2. Spelling Bee
      4.Chinese Tongue Twister

*Primary 4-6*
      1.English International Test for Primary School
      2. Mathematics International Test for Primary School
      3. Chinese Tongue Twister
       4. Young Inventor
       5.Thinkercad 3D Model Competition
       6. Spelling Bee
       7. Photogenic

       1. Chinese Tongue Twister
       2.Young Inventor
       3.Thinkercad 3D Model Competition
       4. Spelling Bee

       1.Parenting Webinar with the title:
           a.Nurturing children to become digital citizen with Coding Bee
           b.How to detect allergies to children and how to overcome them
           c.Fun Science
       2.Virtual School Tour

Registration for competitions, webinars and technical instructions can be found at the following links:
1. Competition Registration: https://bit.ly/GreatFair2020
2. Webinar Registration: https://bit.ly/WebinarGreatFair2020
3. Technical Guidelines for the Competition: http://bit.ly/JuknisGreatFair2020

For more information, please check Instagram @ great.school, @ greatfair.gcs or contact the Admin : 081332525678

see you on Great Fair 2020 

Have a great day
Keep healthy and stay safe.
Thank you

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