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Jumat, 29 Juni 2018

Monkasel Surabaya - Monumen Kapal Selam Surabaya - 29 Juni 2018

  • Jumat, Juni 29, 2018
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[Monkasel Surabaya]
Museums are community centers designed to inform and teach the public. When we ask what is the educational benefit of a museum, the immediate response is academic learning. Absorbing academic information, however, is scratching the surface of what museums offer families and specifically children.
It can be challenging to bring young children to a museum when they can have short attention spans, inability to read, and no prior knowledge of the subject. By introducing bite size trips to your children, it is actually doing more than just teaching them information on a subject.
Today , Our Student go to Monkasel, or Monumen Kapal Selam in Surabaya. Let's find how excited they are.
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